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Where can I buy a celine outlet luggage bag?

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I am a fan to collect celine bag,i love them very much so that i want to get all the new models of celine bags.Anyone knows where to buy cheap cline bag,need an outlet online shop.

I'm 1.60cm tall aand 14 years old and I really want a celine luggage tote in black, however I don't know if I should get the mini or micro? It would help if i could fit a folder in it but I don't have to I could carry the folder under my arm I guess...
I just want the one that will look better on me and not make me fall over because of the weight haha.
Any thoughts?

Does anyone know where to buy a Celine bag in the uk?
So I am in love with the Celine bag & I have no idea where to buy it ;(. Does anyone know where they sell this bag in London? Please help,thanks.


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